Wednesday, 23 February 2011

You Can Have it on March 11th

The decision has been made - I am self publishing A Guide's Guide. It has languished in the dark long enough and it is time I did something with it. I have edited it over the last two days, the formatting has been done, book cover designed and price decided. It is almost ready to go. The other decision I made about it is that it will share the same birthday as me. It will, therefore, be for sale priced at £10.99 on 11th March.

I have also decided my other two books were far too highly priced at the start and it was done on the advice of lots of people. I always wanted them to be at £8.99 but everyone said that was too cheap. I have gone with my gut feeling and reduced them on Lulu. I will also sell them direct to people if they want a signed copy.

The charges will be £8.99 for each of the Sceptical Medium books plus £3.00 postage and packing for the U.K - 2nd class
£10.99 for A Guide's Guide plus the same charge as above for p & p

For those who live in US or Europe it is £4.50 p & p 2nd class and I have discovered it takes about 3-4 weeks to get to US.

A discount of £1 will be made for those buying two books and a discount of £1.50 if  buying all three although postage costs will have to be doubled to cover the extra weight..

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