Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Selling Houses is Hard Work

Yesterday we were told the definite cash buyer buying our house had withdrawn. Both my husband and myself have had a feeling this might happen although the agent insisted it wouldn't. He was messing around too much and has dragged it out for weeks with nothing actually being done. We gave a deadline and it made him withdraw. We had another person make an offer on our house in the meantime which had to be turned down as we had already agreed to sell and I won't do the dirty on anyone. Once I give my word, I stick to it.

The agent approached the others at my suggestion yesterday and although they say they've put an offer in for another house now, they sounded interested and said they would think about it overnight and give their answer today. So, later this morning I will know if we have sold - again! - or not.

The awful thing about people who mess around like the original buyer, is they upset so many other people down the line. The man whose bungalow we have put an offer in for has lost his sale three times already and it looks like it might now be a fourth. How upsetting is this behaviour of people who play games. I am relaxed about it and am luckily not too bothered one way or the other at present. I think that's probably because I half expected it anyway. One good thing has come from it though, we started clearing the attic at the weekend just in case and that will now continue as it's a job that we could well do with finishing anyway. Besides, if we end up selling, it'll be one less job to do at the time.

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  1. It really isn't good enough to have someone mess you around like this. In various countries, I think in Europe, and I elsewhere, once you put an offer in it's set in concrete. There's no going back and you have to put down a deposit, which, if the buyer backs out of the sale, actually loses. If the vendor backs out then he/she has to pay twice the amount of the deposit to the buyer as compensation. I think something like this should happen in this country to stop deceitful buyers taking advantage, and also to stop gazumping, which still goes on.

    CJ xx