Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Literary Agents or Self-Publish?

Next month my contract expires with my literary agents. Now, what do I do when that happens? I have two completed books, which probably need a little editing, but what to do with them? Whilst waiting over the last year for the agents to try to secure a traditional publishing deal for me, I wrote and self-published two others.

A Guide's Guide to Mediumship and Healing is the first book I wrote and is inspired by the spirit world. It is an instructional book with words given by my Spirit Helpers - hence the name. It really needs to be out there and answers so many questions that I am asked all the time. The thing is, what would you do? Would you seek another agent or would you go the route I did for my other two?

There is also the other one to consider, My Life - My Mediumship, which tells the story of how I first discovered I was a bit different, my struggles to accept it and the different paths it took me till now. I have to make a decision and really ought to be looking at other agents now in case, but something is stopping me. I wonder what. I really am unsure which way to go, so any advice or thoughts would be welcomed.


  1. I have advice or experience about publishing to share. I have often dreamed of writing but...

    Good luck with the path you choose.

  2. I should proof read! Above comment is missing "no" before advice...sorry.