Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Darling Bonnie

I do have beautiful eyes, you just can't see them here.
Here is a photograph of my darling girl who will be 10 in April. Today I had a scare as my husband telephoned me from the office to say he was taking her to the vet. Bonnie loves going to the office with 'daddy' in the afternoons and has a run on the beach beforehand. I told my husband not to let her run as she seemed very tired, but otherwise ok.

Apparently, she was panting a lot in the afternoon and didn't eat, which she usually does there, so he rang the vet and arranged to take her straight from work. When they got home, I saw my husband lift her gently from the car and place her on the ground rather than let her jump out like a 6 month puppy as she usually does . My heart sank as I wondered what had been said fearing it was her heart or something awful.

They came in and Bonnie, with tail wagging, went straight for a drink and then came to say hello to me. My husband trailed in after having put the car away and locking the garage. He had a face that looked rather dramatic and my heart sank some more. It turned out he was being a drama queen, because Bonnie had hurt her back and that's what the panting was for - it was nothing to do with her heart as we had feared. The vet said it is normal for dogs to pant a lot if they are in pain. Bless her, she was hurting and we didn't realise. She needs a couple of days not jumping up on her chair and all should then be back to normal.
Guinness submits to Bonnie as they play

How are we meant to keep her still and not jumping I have no idea. Think of a two year old and the energy they possess and you've got Bonnie summed up. Trying to keep a two year old quiet and peaceful is nigh on impossible and it'll be no different with our little girl. Whatever it takes we'll do it though as I am just so thrilled it is nothing serious and that she'll be back to normal soon.


  1. Have you got one of them railguards for youngsters (sort of a square with guard rails all around so they can play but not go anywhere)? Put something over the top so she can't jump out. It'll keep her close to you but unable to do more damage to her; she has to sit still in there.

  2. I'm so glad to hear it isn't Bonnie's heart that was causing her problems and that her back will be better with rest. I know from experience that when there is something wrong with a beloved pet the worry is no different than it would be with a child.