Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Book is not a Hobby

Since becoming a writer I have discovered something rather strange. It is something that is happening to me a lot and to other writers I know also. We are all expected to give any books we've written away to anyone who knows us. It doesn't matter whether they are the friend of a friend or bosom pals, they all expect to be given a free copy whether they are interested in the subject matter or not. Most won't pay for the books because they feel it is their given right to be given a signed copy just because of the fact they know us.

I have written four complete books in a year and have four more on the go. This is not something that is done without a lot of hard work, time and effort. I don't go to their place of work and expect their services for free and yet they expect my work to be. Why is that I wonder? Why is it that practically all the authors I know have a similar problem? 

The other really peculiar thing is how many of them ask if any of my books have sold yet! They are stunned when I say yes and want to know exactly how many, by whom and where. They are equally as stunned when I tell them people from all over the world are buying them and what's more enjoying them. I have been asked how much money I've made from them so far and what I expect to make from them. I am stunned by it all. Not only is it so rude, but they are intimating that they think nothing I write can be taken seriously and all of them call it my hobby whilst sniggering as though I am to be humoured.

There have been a couple of people locally who have been interested and bought the book, but I have to say that the majority have been rather insulting about it all - one person actually asked who I got to ghost write them as I obviously hadn't written them myself. Can you imagine me going into their places of work and demanding to see their accounts and cross questioning them on how much they're making and then sniggering at it all and calling it their hobby? I never hear of this happening to other people apart from writers and musicians. Musicians too are expected to give everything away free to those they meet. I feel rather pleased  to now be able to say I came first in the books category in the Twitter Shorty Awards as well.

All I can say about the whole attitude thing though is, thank goodness there are more people in the world than the ones we know in our own towns.


  1. I agree 100%, Lorraine. *applause, applause*

  2. yes i suppose you are right to say how many have sold. i think people always expect you cannot make a living ith this alone.

  3. Nats, we aren't right to say how many have sold. Why should we humour them and tell our private business?
    I would rather ignore them and just pretend I haven't sold any and let them find out by chance just how well I'm doing

  4. Some people can be so crass. :(

    Congratulations on the award. :)

  5. Wonderful news on the award!

    Wow, four in a year, that is an amazing feat.
    Keep up the good work and may your sales soar!