Thursday, 17 February 2011

House Viewers on the Way Again

Here we go again. We have another cash buyer coming to look at our house again today. You may recall we already had two and accepted the highest offer from someone who messed us around for 7 weeks. He then withdrew and the other couple who had made offers on it were now buying something else.

We had found a super place perfect for us and having lost our sale, it meant we lost that too. Or have we? Who knows, maybe the people today will make an offer and all will turn out well. I've checked, the one we want is still available at present, so it might still happen. If only I was that lucky, but I'm not usually. In the meantime, the dog has been sent to the office with 'daddy' for the morning and all clean and ready except for one room which is  a bit of a clutter now due to emptying the attic ready to move house.
A cluttered room can put people off, but there again you never know, they might see we're already on the way with packing and it might well encourage them to think they can move in quickly as we're already half way out the door! Whatever happens, happens, but in the meantime - keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. I crossed fingers and some toes too! It will all work out to everyone's benefit. I like the idea of one room being a bit cluttered from your intention to move!

  2. When the time is right, it will happen.