Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Have We Found Our New Home?

Time is running away with me as we have sold our house (subject to contract) and I am tearing my hair out rushing around trying to find another one. We think we may have found the right one for us and are waiting to hear if the offer we put forward has been accepted. It isn't a good time in some ways as we all know. The house has to be packed up, papers gone through to see what should be thrown and what kept. No doubt, it'll all end up packed in boxes and going with us to be sorted there.

There is no time really for either of my two private blogs or for my writing blogs Authors on Show at present so I hope you'll be patient if I don't write much in the next few weeks. If, and I say if, the house sales go through - once we have exchanged contracts, I'll post some photo's to show you where the new place is. It would appear as though what I was told in November by a medium is all happening. I just hope the next bit that' I was told happens too. Off now to view another property...

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