Monday, 3 January 2011

Worst Start to the Year

Saying goodbye to 2010 was what I was most interested in doing at New Year as it was one of the kindest years to me for a long time. I raised my glass and thanked it for all it had brought me and hoped 2011 would be as good to me. I have been told it is to be a very good year indeed and that all I put into place in 2010 would now come to fruition in 2011. Well it hasn't started that way.

One of my sisters rang to wish my Uncle a Happy New Year at midnight only to find he was slurring badly. She rang back 10 minutes later and found he still was. Being Scottish, the family all sit up to see in the new year even though my uncle is 90 and his sisters in their 80's. He isn't a drinker and the most he's likely to have is a wee dram of whisky to toast the new year so she knew it wouldn't be though drink. She realised something was amiss but couldn't drive there due to the fact she had been drinking for the evening. A cousin went to see if all was ok and he had to break into the house as my uncle was slumped on the floor oblivious to anything.

Cut a long story short, the family ended up spending the whole night in hospital where they said it looked as though he had suffered a stroke. He is a priest and despite his age, still runs his parish single handedly. It looks like that is not going to be the case from now on. So not only has the start of this new year meant the end of all he lives for, but his home has now gone too as he will have to leave the church and his parish that he's looked after so well for 30 years.

He cannot be left alone at present and my mother has the task of trying to find somewhere suitable for him to live now where he'll be happy and where he can be close enough for family to see him. Also the Bishop will obviously be involved in all of this too. As you can see, it hasn't been the best of starts to the new year and there is some way to go before things are sorted out. The one good thing about it is he is alright.

My toast to 2010 and all the good things that came with it seems a long time ago now. I already feel as though I have lived a month of the new year and yet find it is only the 3rd of January today. I don't know how that can be as we have lived through many more hours than can fit into just three days. Time will tell what happens, but keep your fingers crossed for my dear uncle that we can help him find somewhere he can live that will suit his needs as a priest and where he can at least say a private mass each day as is his want.

I hope the rest of you have had a better start than we have, but we are lucky, it could have been so much worse and it wasn't. We have much to be grateful for and thank God for keeping my Uncle safe and well till help came. I wish all of you a very happy new year and one that brings all good things for you and your family.


  1. Such an upset for the poor old fella. Hope things can be arranged for him to be happy.

    HNY to you. :)

  2. Hope things work out for him and your family. I don't have particularly fond memories of New Year's Day because my Dad was found dead on that day. It always seems more poignant at this time of year, doesn't it?

  3. Oh dear how upsetting for you and your family.
    Sending you much love and hoping that 2011 continues on a happier note x

  4. Lorraine, I'm so glad that your dear Uncle is okay. I feel that the perfect place for him shall open up. May he find new joys and experiences, and become even closer to God.

    He's blessed to have such a loving family as yours.

    Yes, it is and shall be a very good year. Much love to you!