Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tree Crashes onto My House

What a day yesterday and today turned out to be. There was the swan who was a wonderful addition to my garden for a few hours until the RSPCA collected him and took him off to be checked over. He was heavy, eating well, uninjured and it was thought he had just dropped by because he liked the look of the place. Our garden is rather park like, large and with a pond, so maybe he thought it was a pond, albeit a very quiet one.

Earlier, we had a tree blown down by the winds and land on the corner of the roof of our bungalow. The most beautiful Mimosa which flowers each February with masses of yellow sweet scented flowers and my favourite tree in the garden. Sadly, it was well beyond repair and the bottom was in several parts so the whole thing had to be chopped and taken away with yellow buds all about to open. It was so sad to see such a magnificent and beautiful tree killed in that way. Luckily the house was fine, but it didn't stop there...

I went out to my car ready to go to the post office. I opened the door and heard a strange crunching noise. Confused, I shut the door again to see if I could hear the same thing - I did. Looking at the door, I could see there was nothing wrong so looked all over. There appeared to be something black on top of my car roof. I was about to put my hand on it to brush it away and luckily something stopped me and made me peer closer to see what it was. It was a gaping jagged hole where the sun roof had been. Sorry the picture is so bad, but I think you can see it.

The most peculiar thing about it is the way it's broken as though something has dropped on it and yet it was in a locked garage overnight with nothing above it but the roof - which I hasten to add is still where we left it the night before! Luckily, I can claim on the insurance, but it can't be driven until repaired and they can't tell me when that will be yet. But that's not all...

With insurance people on the telephone, auto glass repair people on the 'phone, RSPCA and RSPB on the 'phone I was worn out. I got to the post office with my husband's car at lunchtime, posted the parcels came home cooked lunch and sat at the computer ready to relax...

... and then the computer crashed!

All afternoon the computer repairman was here and he got it going again - as you can see. Unfortunately, he says he thinks it's a problem with a hard drive and may well do it again at any time. He's backed up absolutely everything on here and we have to wait and see. For now, I have had a large glass of wine and a relaxing bath and I wait to see what tomorrow brings. So far, this year hasn't been too brilliant. What with my uncle taken ill overnight New Year's Eve/Day, my sister's father-in-law rushed into intensive care a week later and now all of this. Hopefully, it can only get better.

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  1. That is very freaky. Lucky you weren't in it.