Saturday, 8 January 2011

I've Ventured into eBay

Yesterday saw my first sales on eBay. One was rather disappointing, but at least it says sold next to it. I haven't received any money from either sale yet and am struggling to find my way around some of it, but I can already see why some people are so addicted to it. It's making me realise all the things I have given away in the past I could have made money on.

I had a signed photograph of David Beckham and one of Victoria which I won at a charity fund raiser we went to. Not my cup of tea at all and yet I realise others would like it. I had no idea how to sell it and ended up selling it to someone for £25 - how silly was I? They were proper signatures too, not the usual facsimile's as seen on most. Ah well, the buyer saw me coming didn't she?

I have been dying to have a clear out of my house for so long. There is so much here I don't know what to do with that is now going to find it's way onto the lists of eBay. Problem is the large items, It would cost a fortune to send some of them so those are still a problem. I am not sure when I should see the money from the buyers or what I am meant to do so am fumbling around a bit at the moment trying to understand it all.

One thing I do know is, I am having fun and am off to scout around the house and attic today to see what else I can sell.

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