Friday, 21 January 2011

House For Sale - or is it?

Our house is on the market and I'm wondering if it is the right price. It seems too low to me, but there is a man interested and he has now seen it three times. There is quite a story to him, but I can't say here sadly. The thing is, why do people mess you around when looking at your property? He's been three times and says he wants it. He has made two offers - both silly - and knew before the third viewing it was a price we agreed with the agent or nothing. He's now gone off for days saying he wants to have the roof looked at. There is nothing wrong with the roof, but apparently he has a thing about them.

If I was really keen on a house and wanted it, I would offer the price wanted subject to the roof report being ok. I would have then arranged for it to be looked at while I was away so it was ready for me to hear about on my return. Instead, he#s gone away telling us he wants a very quick purchase if he wants it and doesn't want any delay! He doesn't? He has exchanged on his property and has a completion date and has messed us around for weeks now and yet expects us to move out when HE decides we should without having time to look for anything else.

Thing is, we are looking at other properties now, but without him offering the right price for ours yet, how can we make an offer on anything else? The market is so bad that there are hardly any properties for sale at the moment and any that are and are good for the price are snapped up immediately. He isn't playing fair and I've told him so. He is back today and I've told him I want an answer or I'm withdrawing my house from him. You see, we aren't desperate to move. We love where we are and wouldn't ever move, but we want to get rid of the mortgage now. They say buying and selling houses is one of the most stressful things to go through, I think it's fun, it's people like out possible buyer that make it stressful. We might hear from him today, but in the meantime, we're off to look at a house this afternoon that someone already made a rejected offer on.

Wish us luck, I think with this chap we're going to need it!

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