Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Clothes Labels - The Bane of My Life

Why do manufacturers insist on putting their clothes labels in the neck of the garment? Years ago, they used soft labels with proper cotton neither of which scratched your neck. Now, they seem to delight in finding the scratchiest, hardest material they can find with sharp edges and place it where it will cause most discomfort. It doesn't matter if the item you buy costs, a few pounds or several hundred pounds, all labels are the same.

I spend hours cutting the darned things out of most of my clothes and some are done in a way that you end up with two tiny holes in the fabric where the two top corners of the label were so strongly sewn in, the only way to remove them was to end up with tiny holes that then need stitching together. I am fed up with having my clothes ruined in this way and really can't see the point of them sewing in a label with their name, if it causes so much irritation to their customers it ends up being removed anyway.

Don't these people ever wear their own clothes - don't they have the same problem with any other clothes they buy? Please, please, please, will clothes manufacturers start to put their labels on the side seam and low down where it isn't going to hurt, scratch, irritate or end up being cut out. Surely it isn't that difficult to work out is it?

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