Tuesday, 21 December 2010

What Do You Hope For In 2011?

It would be interesting to write down what your hopes and dreams are for 2011. If anyone had asked me what mine were at the end of the last year, they wouldn't have included becoming a writer or launching a blog for writers. Instead, all I hoped for was good health (after several years of it being awful) and that all my family would keep safe and well. As it turned out, 2010 did see an improvement in my health and my family have been looked after in the way I asked, but I had some good surprises too as the year brought changes that exceeded anything I could have thought to ask for for myself.

This Christmas, I still wish for the same as I did last year, but after seeing what has happened to me during the last twelve months, this time I am adding a few things. I would like to be doing public speaking all over the country, to see my books get a traditional publishing contract and for me to start making a big difference to the way mediumship and healing are practised by many people today. For this to happen, I need to have my books read widely, but I really need to get myself seen and that means television and national press.

It sounds ridiculous to say those are the things I would like as it sounds very over the top in some ways and as though I am stretching too far. I don't think I am though as that needs to happen if I am to be heard on a widespread scale in order to achieve getting the message across to as many people as possible. That is how I'd like to see 2011 turn out for me, but what about you - what are your dreams and hopes for 2011? If you'd care to share some here, we can go over them next year and see how many of us achieved what we hoped for.

There is no doubt some of us will have sadness as well as happiness during the coming year, others will have dreams shattered and some will have dreams fulfilled that exceed all their hopes and desires. There are more again who will be happy to just have a quiet life with nothing big changing in any way at all. Which are you and do you want to share with us what you hope for from the coming year? Who knows, maybe this coming year will see your life change in ways you least expected too.

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