Friday, 17 December 2010

The Reality of Britain Today

I have written a post which was completely misunderstood by some people. Others completely agreed with what I wrote and understood where I was coming from. I have had e-mails agreeing with me, but due to the response they saw me receiving, they decided to send their thoughts privately rather than on the blog itself. Maybe I didn't word what I said originally too brilliantly in a short space, but anyone knowing me, will know I get on with most people and have a mixture of friends from all walks of life.
The sad thing is, there will always be people who will twist what is said or pretend you mean something you don't. This isn't always intentional, but may well be due to their lack of reading slowly and carefully and thinking about what is said and why.  Misunderstanding what is written or said can give rise to upset and accusations. Now, I may be a very spiritual person and believe in God, but I am also human with human failings. If people call me names which are unjustified, I react. This can be said of a lot of us.
I have strong feelings on certain things, whilst lots more can pass me by without stirring any emotion. Having opinions on things that happen in life, does not stop you being spiritual, it means you are a human being who is still of this world. We are all entitled to have opinions whether we all agree with each other or not. The important thing, is to try not to hurt another human being with your actions or words. The responses I originally got were accusatory.
 One thing I cannot stand in life is injustice. I have been at the end of that for too many years and will no longer tolerate it in my life. If I have done something wrong, I am the first to hold up my hand and say so. When I haven't and people tell others I have, then they see another side of me. I react and jump in with both feet. My mouth in put into action before my brain is in gear. 
I admitted the wording of my first blog post on the subject of Britain may have been worded badly and could be misconstrued and I also offered a public apology if that was the case, both of which were ignored. I did say I still was of the same opinion and worded it in a way to show more clearly what I did mean. That is still coming under attack though and I am still being told I am anti foreigners and other beliefs! Everything else I wrote about has been ignored. That tells a huge story to me.
I refuse to change my opinions, but I still take offence at being told I have said things I haven't. I welcome other opinions and hope those who agree with me will have the courage to put it on here instead of sending me mails privately. Not everyone will agree with us on these matters, though why anyone could take offence at someone saying they have had enough of violent and drunken behaviour which results in our police and health services being attacked is beyond my comprehension. But they ignored that part didn't they.
Only two points I raised were picked up on which tells me a lot about those who comment. Britain may be in Europe in the governments eyes, but ask any Brit and 9 out of 10 will not class themselves as being European. That is a fact. The Welsh and Cornish in general do not class themselves as being British and yet they are. That is also fact. So you see, we all have our own ideas on things and nothing I said was a slur on any particular person or hurtful to anyone except those who chose to take it in the wrong way.
It is an observation about our country today and is based on fact and there have been many who have written in papers and spoken on TV in the same vein. There are other countries who have said similar things about their country as well. The reason we do speak out is because we care what others are thinking of us and we don't want to see our countries going down the way they are. I want to hold my head high as a Briton and can't. I am embarrassed when going abroad to admit to being British for many reasons now. 
Instead of picking up on the only two things that most of the politically correct brigade pick up on, how come no one has mentioned what I said about the British thugs and the drunks littering our streets, the girls peeing in the gutters in a drunken stupor, the students with their disgusting behaviour seen all over our television screens that I suggest are kicked out of their universities, the people who attack our police on a regular basis for no other reason than they can these days, the nurses and doctors who fear being attacked when tending to drunks and the poor ambulance drivers and paramedics who are treated the same way? 
I was in hospital several times over a 10 month period and had the misfortune to be rushed by ambulance into hospital on a Saturday night twice. I was horrified at the amount of swearing and abuse hurled at the staff. The main word used was the 'f' word which is all most have in their vocabulary today. The staff were threatened and I even felt in fear for my own safety while lying amongst it all. They were out of control and this is what I talk of.
Some of the youngsters in there were well below the age limit for drinking so where were their parents? This is not a one off, it is seen on a regular basis. Most people in my town cannot walk around the harbour area (where lots of restaurants are) due to the thugs staggering around. The same can be said of most cities and towns. To pretend otherwise is being naive
The taxi's have to lock their doors to pass through certain areas and have to avoid the drunks who jump on the car as it's moving or think it funny to fall in front of a moving car to see what the driver will do. I have been in taxi's passing through that area and had people jump in and refuse to get out again. They abused my husband and I and were ordering us out in foul language. This is not the Britain I grew up in.
There are many people who ignore their children as they are too busy making money for their fancy lifestyles. I don't mean ordinary families rich or poor who lead normal lives, I am talking about the ones who neglect their children for it and I have seen many cases of it far too numerous to mention and so do other areas. All of this was ignored in my post and was only commented on to pretend I was attacking the poor or people who for genuine reasons DO need two jobs. 
How come all of this I talked about was ignored? How come it was only when I said about religious leaders being attacked and too many foreigners in our country that opinion was given and these were the only points picked up on? How come that is all that has been focused on? How come the rest was overlooked? It's because by overlooking the rest of what was said, people are able to pretend I am anti all foreigners and anti all but Christians. Maybe those who comment would like give their opinion on all the rest I spoke of or were you blinded to all of that once you saw the usual two things everyone jumps on today?
It is this very sort of thing that I am fed up with. You see, you can talk about all manner of things, but throw in anything about other nationals or religion and people are on their high horse immediately. They are blinded to anything else you say or have mentioned and zero in on the one thing known to get tempers rising. Now THAT is exactly what I am talking about in this country. The overly political correct brigade who overlook everything else that's wrong and talked about in order to pretend we all hate foreigners and people of other religions.
If all the rest I talked about in my original and subsequent posts was mentioned and discussed then maybe I could take their comments more seriously and would not take offence at them trying to pretend foreigners and people of all religious faiths were being attacked by me and were the only things I talked about.

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  1. Well said, Lorraine.
    Living in London I see all sorts of things, teenagers being drunk, their parents spending every evening in the pubs, overfed children, no manners, etc. Drunks that definitely litter the streets, but the latter you will see in other countries as well. I've personally been told on holidays that some hotels loathe the Brits because they just damage everything, for the fun of it.

    Not saying all Brits are the same and certainly not complaining, since I choose to move and live here, but something that needs to be taken care of, especially the next generation that doesn't seem to know what politeness and respect is.

    Oh and I am one of Lorraine's team, foreigner, by the way. :-)