Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hackers at Work?

After yesterday's problems with Authors on Show, I am happy to report the problem was solved and we were up and running again quite soon thanks to Krystal Hosting. What a scare that was though. Imagine waking up and finding the whole of your site had disappeared like that. It isn't nice, I can tell you. It turns out that it appears as though someone had hacked into AOS and tried to disrupt it. Why anyone would want to do that I have no idea, but at least it is okay now.

It came at a bad time for me as I was feeling rather poorly yesterday to put it mildly. My throat was killing me and I could hardly swallow it was so sore. I have tonsillitis - first time in many years - and the resulting nasty temperature with it. To top it all, my back is playing up too and I can barely move. At least it is all here at once and hopefully, I'll get it all over and done with before next week.

I have a talk to give at the yacht club and I am worried sick no one turns up. I have no idea if anyone much knows about it as I haven't been able to advertise it much and of those who I know, most wouldn't bother coming anyway as it isn't 'their thing'. There are others I know - my new friends - who will support me I'm sure, I just don't know how many of them know about it. I have put some posters up, but not many as more were to go up this week and now I'm here unwell and unable to go out to do it.

I will let you know if anyone turns up next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I have books here ready to sell to them. I am hoping they will not only buy one for themselves, but buy some as presents for people. I have discounted the price for Christmas and so any of you who are interested can also enjoy a discounted rate at present too. There are quite a few places it is available to buy online now, so if you'd like to buy it for yourself or someone else CLICK HERE for details of where it can be bought.

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