Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Decorations All Down

You'll probably think I'm dreadful and inviting bad luck on myself, but all the decorations and the Christmas tree are down and back in the attic till next year. To me, Christmas is all about the day itself and the meaning of why we celebrate it. It is also the lead up and excitement as it builds waiting for the big day to arrive and buying all the presents and wrapping them up. Seeing all the gaily wrapped parcels under the tree, pretty tinsel and twinkling lights. Problem is, once the day has come and gone, it's over for me and I want things back to normal.

I have always put my tree up two weeks before Christmas Day and taken it down on the 2nd January. Last year, I took the bull by the horns and put it up in the first week of December and took it down at a similar time to now. You know what? I had one of the best years I've had for a long time, so the superstition of inviting bad luck didn't materialise for me. I am hoping this year will bring even more good luck my way.

It's amazing how large our sitting room looks again now. It had shrunk in size and now, suddenly, there is lots more light and space. I'm even clearing our loads of other stuff we're finding in the attic. Boxes and bags have been stored away till next year and in their place, others have come down, been sorted and emptied and it is amazing what we've found up there. Half the stuff i have no idea why it's been kept, whereas there is more that brings back lovely memories and is going back up there.

I'm off to the sales now and am hoping to maybe find a cheap desk for my study. After all, what started out last year as a little hobby, has materialised into something far more with my writing. I really need to have somewhere to store everything and so it's either more filing cabinets or a proper work desk. I'll decide which when I see how much it all costs, but one thing I do know for sure, it'll be lovely coming back home to a tidy room with all the Christmas clearing up done.

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  1. It's a bit like that isn't it?
    Your sitting room looks lovely....roses are divine.

    Happy New year to you, I'm off for a few days of much needed rest.♥