Thursday, 25 November 2010

Not Everyone Writes Fiction

It is a strange thing that most people who write fiction will not bother to look at non fiction books on the writing sites they're on. I am on many writing sites and promote a lot of authors on a couple of my blogs who are mostly fiction writers. I read their books and support them and most other non fiction writers do the same and yet sadly, I find most fiction writers to be pretty narrow minded when it comes to reading. Maybe not in 'real life', but on writing sites they seem to overlook so many good books.

I don't mean this as a nasty comment towards them, just an observation. The majority of writers I have met, albeit online, are kind and supportive of each other and encourage each other wherever they can. The problem is, they never think of us poor non fiction writers. My book is selling well and every time I go somewhere to do a talk, the books I take with me sell and the people who buy it, all seem very excited about it and it is also selling well online to people who aren't writers.

Luckily, I am not someone who gives in easily because if it was left to the various writing sites I'm on, I would have closed shop and given up the idea of writing altogether due to total lack of interest in my books from my fellow writers. It isn't that they are badly written or of no interest to anyone (at least I don't think so -tell me now if you know different!)as it is a much sought after genre and one which sells very well indeed. No, it is only due to the fact that it is non fiction and so as such is ignored.

I cannot stand sci-fi or fantasy and am not too keen on chick lit. either and yet I read their books to offer support. I put them on my author site to help promote them. I take the time to see what the quality of their writing is like and if it would be of interest to others who do like those genres.

I am not alone with this lack of interest. On the writing sites I am on, most non fiction writers seem to struggle to get 'reads' and critique - as for reviews on my book, it's practically unheard of. We tend to try to support each other, but there is a very limited number of us and we are far outnumbered by the fiction writers. I struggle each day to try and make my books seen to no avail. It is time we had a site for readers only where only readers could give critique and rate books. If this was done, maybe we would have a chance.

 There should be a non fiction site and with that in mind. I am going away to think whether this is something I should set up for others like me. I know there are rather a lot out there who feel as I do, maybe it's time I looked after them more.


  1. Lorraine I think that is an excellent idea, perhaps maybe a site for non-fiction, Poetry and short stories o broaden the appeal, as a poet it is mostly drawn from real life experiences and would make for a good marriage. If I wre better at this computer thing I would do it myself...Maybe we can collaborate somehow, let me know if you go any further with this patricia
    Layers of the Heart..non-fiction

  2. I will think about this seriously as there are a lot of good non fiction books out there that aren't being seen as they should be.
    Poetry is another thing to look at as there are some people I know who write poetry books and they too should have a chance to be seen.