Friday, 26 November 2010

Harper Collins Authonomy Showcase Me

I am thrilled to say I am the featured author on the Harper Collins writers' site, Authonomy. Just wanted to share it with you all.
authonomy showcase: Lorraine Holloway-White

Name/authonomy screen name 
Lorraine Holloway-White

Devon, U.K.

Author/Promoter of Authors

How long have you been on authonomy? 
I first joined November 4th 2009 under the name of Medium and deleted that account so I could become a member under my own name

How do you use the site – are you a reader or a writer? 
I first used it as a writer to improve my work, now I use it as a writer and a promoter. authonomy has changed my whole life and that is not something I say lightly. I am indebted to you all and your hard work. Thank you.

What are you working on at the moment?
I have one self published book, A Sceptical medium (available through and A Sceptical Medium part two is almost ready. These were self published as so many people throughout the world were asking when or where they could buy my books. These were done as ‘get to know me’ books and while they wait for my main ones to be published. I have two further books with literary agents, one of which can be seen on authonomy, and I am currently working on two more. They are all in the same genre, non fiction MBS

How does writing fit into your life? When do you make time for it?
These days I live, breath and sleep writing whether it is mine or someone else’s. It’s more a case of when do I find time for anything else!

Describe to us where you write…
I am lucky enough to have my own room at home where no one is allowed to enter except by invitation. It is gradually being filled with books by fellow writers I have met on authonomy and elsewhere.

There are two very large photographs done by my son; one of poppies, as that is my trademark logo and the other is one of the book covers my son designed for me that has been enlarged and framed.

My laptop sits on a table that is very much treasured as it belonged to my grandmother. It is also the room where I do my online photographic readings for people throughout the world and my promotional work.

What are your ambitions as an author, what would you like to achieve?
My main ambition is to change the way mediumship and healing is practised today throughout the whole world. I would like to see methods changed with standards raised and hope to see this happen through talks I give and the teachings in my books.

Which book on authonomy should we all be reading?
It is no secret I adore The Spirit of The Butterfly as I think Margaret Anthony’s writing is in a class of its own. She will be a top class published author – wait and see.

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  1. I love this interview, Lorraine. Well done on being featured - much deserved.

    CJ xx