Saturday, 13 November 2010

More Gym Shenanigan's

I did it, I went back. My calf muscles started to protest on the treadmill quicker this time, but I managed to stay on there for ten minutes. Gosh it hurt afterwards at the base of my calves - just above ankle area. Not one to give up too easily, I looked around wondering what else I might be able to manage without looking too much of a lost cause and thought I'd try the cross trainer. I'm not actually allowed to use the cross trainer because of high blood pressure problems, but I wanted to see what it was like. I managed five minutes on there too.

I had to stretch out the muscles in my legs after that for a couple of minutes, but I was determined not to give up. I was surrounded by skinny girls and very fit old men. Mmm, strange mix, but par for the course in a gym I gather. Old men, young girls...

Anyway, I tried hard to ignore the fact I was the only fat lump there and the only one who seemed to be out of breath with so little exertion and decided I'd try the bike as well. In for a penny and all that. Besides, if I pack it in, I can at least say I tried most things in there. I can't ride a bike in real life so thought this might be a first. It was. I managed fifteen minutes on it and cycled the equivalent of three miles. Not bad for a beginner and I never fell off once.

I was sensible to stop after fifteen minutes even though I felt I could have kept going, because once off there, I could feel the tightness in my legs. I am now home again and feeling very much holier than thou. As I drove home, I saw all the joggers pass me as they ran in the opposite direction on the sea front and felt quite chuffed to think I was now doing my tiny bit too. It just amazes me that I'm the only fat one doing it. Everyone else is so skinny and fit looking. I was told there would be lots like me. Yeh, in their dreams maybe. Anyway, I have decided I shall go back again and maybe even tomorrow. Today, I have progressed to three grains of rice. I'll let you know when I manage a whole bowl.


  1. I have decided that walking is about the best exercise for me. I did the gym membership and ended up hurting my shoulder. And while I like the treadmill, I don't get the chance to see anyone really. I walked to work two times last week and plan to do it three times this week. Figures... I've procrastinated right up until the snow flies.

    Keep at it! Those three grains of rice will multiply and you'll think 15 minutes is a breeze.


  2. Hi, Lorraine, you're doing great...any new thing we're learning requires extra patience, especially toward ourselves! For me, the best way to forget about my body is to have gentle stretching and exercising.

    My two mainstays have been walking and bicycling. Long ago a grocery store put out some flyers about eating well (low fat) and exercising. The entire premise was to work oneself up to walking briskly, hands swinging, for 45 minutes each day. You start out for 5 minutes/10 minutes/whatever small amount...and add to it as you go along until you are a 45er.

    It said that is all the exercise anyone needs to maintain and for health. I did this for quite awhile, although I was quite a bit younger!

    You shall do just fine! love ya