Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gym Must Wait

There's me, made a decision to go to the gym and I haven't been yet. I bet you all thought I'd already lost at least half a stone by now didn't you? I got up yesterday all bright and bushy tailed with sports gear all laid out ready when the telephone rang. It was my mother asking was I doing anything. I had told her the evening before I had joined the gym and was going each day at about 9am. This time I couldn't complain about her forgetting though as she had a very good reason to call me.

My dad had been having dizzy spells all weekend and they were worse so could I take him to the doctor. Of course I could. Nothing is more important than my family. Luckily, the doctor prescribed an inner ear imbalance, prescribed some tablets and said he should feel better within 3-4 days.

After the doctor, we went shopping as dad can't drive, so we made sure they had plenty of food in and did everything we could to make sure he didn't need to feel he should drive anywhere. It turned out they did me a favour stopping me going to the gym anyway. I started feeling very tired and heady on my way home and it got progressively worse. Turned out my blood pressure has gone up again. It keeps doing this lately and I don't know why. If I had gone to the gym, it would no doubt have made it worse, so taking dad to the doctor was a Godsend in a way.

Today I still feel a little under the weather so am taking it easy for the rest of the week. There is no hurry anyway as the membership doesn't start properly till next month and I'm paying daily till then. I have been well overdoing it in the last few months as I well know, so maybe this is my body saying 'enough' now. I am not meant to work due to severe blood pressure problems as I can't do anything half heartedly - I go hammer and tongs at all I do. Starting Authors on Show and working flat out to build it up since May as well as writing three books and doing talks is what has probably done it to me. In fact, not probably, definitely.

AOS is on its feet, I have some superb people running their own parts of it now and they have everything under control. I am able to stand back a bit now and stop being silly with my health. The gym will happen, but it looks like it may not be for a few days until this settles again. It hasn't been helped that I asked a Chemist for something to help me with hot flushes, cramps and not sleeping. He was told my medical background and I found out last night that the tablets he gave me can increase blood pressure to a dangerous level - thanks! I wouldn't mind, but they cost me a fortune too. Ah well, for now I shall just keep my fingers exercised on here and the rest of the body will have to wait to catch up later.

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