Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Disaster-Authors on Show Lost!

What a dreadful day so far. Yesterday, I felt so unwell, shaking, cold, yet burning, sore throat so bad I can't swallow and everything aching like mad. No sleep last night except in drips and drabs and today I awoke feeling even worse. I have tonsillitis. Luckily, I rang the doctor and she could hear how bad my throat is over the 'phone so prescribed antibiotics which my husband has collected. I have taken the first one, so I hope to get better quickly. Better this week than next as I have a talk to do next week about mediumship and my book.

I sat here feeling achy and horrid and went to click on my Authors on Show site and nothing. It is gone. Completely disappeared. I have asked others to check and they have found the same problem. I have managed to get hold of the domain hosts and they are trying to repair it. It appears one of the files has been deleted or disappeared somehow. I know I haven't deleted anything and can't think for one moment that the others who go on there would have done, so it's a mystery. So here's me, feeling really quite poorly to be honest and now it looks like I've lost my site as well.

The awful thing is though, will I get the site back? At the moment, the hosts aren't sure if I will. If not, it means I'll have to build it all from scratch again somehow. Do I want to though, that's the big question? Keep your fingers crossed for me as all that hard work over these months is starting to pay off with us being recognised by top agents and publishing houses. If all that is lost it would be awful. They've said they'll call me back later and they are working hard on it to try to restore it all. If they can't, what will I do? That remains to be seen.


  1. I will pray over it...To my understanding it will be floating out there al in one piece if they get the axcess it will come back complette so I will pray for tha... I had a website for my greeting cardsand that is what I was told because the domain name is taken it should stay in tact...God Bless anfd just rest Lorraine God knows all youve done for others and you will get back 0 fold regardless of this outcome. Patricia

  2. should say 10 fold darn left hand typing so sorry