Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Talks and Promoting

It looks like I might have quite a busy day ahead of me again. I have made some telephone calls this morning and  now have to go and meet some people about promoting myself and all my authors on Authors on Show. I made enquiries to my local library about me doing talks about not just myself and my books, but also about the literary world and how Authors on Show is doing its bit to help promote writers from around the world.

Not only that, but I have discovered there are quite a lot of very good authors all living in my area who have sold extensively through the world and who I can maybe put on my site. Of course our most famous citizen of old was Agatha Christie who I had the pleasure of meeting twice. What a shame she isn't still alive for interview on Authors on Show now.

I have also contacted a local bookshop who are interested in having some of my books there to sell and wish to discuss more about me doing talks and being interviewed about the various aspects of my literary work in both writing and promoting. I have also spoken to Waterstone's about doing the same thing and intend doing far more of this wherever possible.

There are many ideas forming in my head at the moment about promotional nights in other venues as well that I can organize on my own. I can do more than one type of talk, which means I can be asked back to the same places again. Not only can I do talks about mediumship and healing (the contents of my books), but also on the literary world and my part in helping promote other authors from all over the world.

This is something I am looking forward to. Luckily, i have never been worried about addressing large crowds and talking. Cameras, radio and television are things I am also very comfortable with having done so much of it in the past. There are quite a few authors who are quite shy and nervous about such things, so I realise I am very lucky indeed to be comfortable with this side of being a writer.

Lots to do now, so I must get on with it. I have been asked to take one of my books in to the bookshop this morning and discuss about talks and promotions. I need to get myself organised as I like to be well prepared for any eventuality. Good preparation is the key to success in most things in life and so off I go to prepare. Till next time...

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