Monday, 18 October 2010

My Beloved Son - Philip

I just wanted you all to see my adorable son. It's his birthday this month and I won't be able to see him. He is the one who designed all of my book covers and the LHW logo with the red poppy to go on the spine of all of my present and future books. I enlarged that logo and had it put on the front of my latest book, A Sceptical Medium.

He is off to the north sea this evening and possibly won't be back for his birthday as he is a hydrographer (I think that's what it's called - he reads the sea bed) and they are busy doing something or other in the north sea for the next week or so.

He is also a very talented photographer and has had several exhibitions of his work. As you can tell, I am very proud of him and love him to bits. He is also the kindest and most generous man I've ever met and with the lovely mix of a gentle caring nature, but strong and dependable whenever he is needed.

If anyone wants some superb photographic work done, he's your man. Not weddings! Anyway, enough of me showing off Philip to you - he'd go mad if he knew I had done this, but would then smile wryly and raise an eyebrow as if to say 'typical mother'.

It's just that so many blogs have photo's of children that I thought I'd show my one and only beloved son off too. Why not? He brings me so much joy.


  1. And you should be proud Lorraine! My only son is 13 but I'm still very proud of him and my 5 yr old daughter! All mine! :)


  2. And a very handsome son as Well!
    Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Hey, if you can't show off your own son then who can you show off! He's a dashing looking guy - where abouts in the north sea is he!

    Happy Birthday to Phillip.
    CJ xx

  4. He has lovely,lovely energy. Clever too!