Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mercedes -shall I?

I am so tempted to buy a second hand Mercedes. All week I have been looking on the internet to see what is available at a price I may be able to afford. Well, I say afford, I'd have to pay monthly for it and I can't afford much at all, but it is the only car I ever really wanted.

I'm not into cars particularly, but there is something about the sleek lines of the Mercedes that I have always liked. I have seen so many different type C Class Mercedes this week and there is one I am very tempted with. It isn't a colour I particularly like - it is metallic blue, almost a Kingfisher blue - but second hand one can't be too choosy sadly. The interior is to die for. It is all cream leather with wood trim. It has full panoramic sunroof, but is automatic.

Now I have always been someone who likes to take the car rather than the car take me. I like changing gear, but everyone tells me I would love an automatic once I've tried it. Then there is the problem of paying each month. I paid off the car I have now in January and it is lovely not having to pay out each month. My car is a Toyota Corolla T Spirit and is superb. It has only 32,000 miles on the clock and is so reliable. It is my third Toyota as I do like them a lot and think they are superb cars for the money.

All that said, I have always had sensible cars. I want one for just once in my life that isn't sensible for someone without a lot of money. Is that wrong? I am not a bit materialistic and yet I do like nice things - don't we all given a choice? Shall I be silly just this once and do it? I might never have a chance again. This is the one time I might be able to do it. I am 55 and think maybe it is time I could be a little frivolous. Then again, I hold back because of the money. There is one I could have for £114 per month over 4 years. The cream leather is beautiful. It is two door and I have four door at present, which is much easier for parents to get into and for me to clean.

Can I afford to be without that extra £114 a month? Not really, but there again, we do eat rather well in this house and it wouldn't hurt to eat a bit plainer. After all, I could do with losing weight and that might just help!
Oh dear, what to do. It is Saturday and I could go and test drive the one I've seen, but then again should I? If I get a book deal and a nice little advance, I could justify it, but at the moment I can't justify the change of car. It's a want not a need. Help! What would you do I wonder? Oh well, looks like I have a decision to make don't I?


  1. I wouldn't yet...............

  2. Hello, dear

    My reason says no, but then I think, what the hell? If you run in front of a bus next year and get killed, you at least would have died with one dream fulfilled. It's not that you can't sell it again.

  3. Lorraine, I have a Mercedes SLK, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I vote, go for it.
    Jared XX