Thursday, 14 October 2010

I just did my first Book Signing

How incredible this week is turning out to be. I only ordered some books a couple of days ago to sell to people who come for healing and have been asking for any books I've written. I was expecting them to arrive maybe Friday or Monday. I have two people here working on my patios, front and back, and just opened the door to see if they'd like another cup of tea. On the back step was a box. They said it had arrived about half an hour before and I hadn't heard the bell.

It is the books I ordered. I only ordered ten as I thought I'd see if they sold. As soon as they heard what the book was about, they just bought one. It is a husband and wife working here and she is very into all that sort of thing. I told her to glance through first to be sure she'd like it and she was very keen. They then asked if I'd sign it, so I have just done my first book signing. How cool is that?

I am putting a photograph on here of me holding it and I have to apologise, but I am so chuffed and I'm afraid it shows in my face. No make-up and I look a mess for my first picture holding a book I've written, but I don't care, the book is the centre of attention not me. Sorry to show off, but I really am quite delighted. I am stunned at how quickly they are selling too. Long may it last is all I can say.


  1. Oh, that is so great! Good on you, Lorraine! I am really happy for you. :D:D

  2. Woo hoo! Fabulous well done Lorraine.

  3. Congratulations To You!! How Wonderful!
    Happy weekend!