Sunday, 10 October 2010

How Hard is This?

The book is finished and all looking good. I change it all to PDF and then find out the formatting that is needed for manuscripts when sending to agents and publishers is different to that required when uploading for e-books. I haven't a clue about all of this and am trying to learn as I go. I had no idea doing what I thought of  as a fun book for the download market would be so difficult.

People will be able to buy my book as a download or as a printed copy - when I get there. I was under the impression that Lulu (the publisher I'm using) would do all the bits like adding ISBN numbers, copyright statements etc. Oh no, I have to do all of that myself too. So what I thought was a book ready to go to print isn't. I have been re-formatting and have added the necessary bits and now have a problem that when I changed the text size, the last line of each paragraph has 3 inch gaps between each word and can't be changed easily.

I take my hat off to all of those people who have done this before. Little did I realise what hard work it was or how much went into it all. So much for calling it a fun book for everyone to get to know me, where's the fun? It is hard work and after all of this, I just hope someone buys a copy here and there.

Then there is pricing. I was going to have the printed copy at £9.99. I have now found out that although it's all done for free - so to speak - if anyone buys a printed copy, it costs quite a bit for the book to be printed as it's done by page number and is more expensive when done as a one off. Then I have to pay them a percentage on top of that cost and then my agents, who haven't had anything to do with this book, want 15% as well because I'm signed with them. Then there's the fact that if I want people outside of the U.K. to be able to buy it, I pay more again for world distribution or something. All in all, the book price needs to go up if I'm to have any money for me.

I have to say, I don't mind giving my agents a percentage for work they've done and a book they've been involved with, but I'm a little p***** to put it bluntly that they want money for this one. After all, I am doing it to get myself out there and known in case I get a deal for the other two books they are handling. Am I unreasonable in feeling that way or would you feel the same? Do you think it right they want money for this one too? If I pay them, then the least they can do is put it for sale on their website for me as well don't you think?

Anyway, enough ranting from me. On to the book. I have most of it ready and a dear girl has offered to check and re-do the formatting if it's wrong. Then I just have to try to master doing the cover - front and back and the spine. Ha ha that will be hilarious. Dread to think what it'll end up looking like with me at the helm. It might be worth buying just for the fact it might well become a museum piece in time!


  1. Sounds mighty frustrating. Thanks for sharing inside look into the publishing world.

  2. Sounds like you may need to talk to someone who has done this kind of thing before! Seems like they've got their claws into your work! Something's not right here! I have an American writer blogger might ask her..

    OR...In Your blog Profile, under Interest, type in E-book publishing on it! It should lead you to Other E-book bloggers and you may find some answers That way!
    Wish I could be more help!