Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Heads Will Roll

Life is so hard at times. I know the answers to all of this, but sometimes it just gets too much to bear for a day and I need to let off steam. I look around me at all of the people of which there are many) who are selfish, uncaring, egotistical, materialistic, completely self-centred, who do nothing at all for others - ever, who talk nastily about others all the time. The ones who use people, abuse them and all manner of other things that aren't nice and I look at how their lives are compared to 'good' people.

The ones above always seem to have everything go right for them, they have plenty of money, never seem to have serious illnesses, they sail through life without a care and often lead full, healthy and rewarding lives. Then you get the 'good guys'. The ones who do everything for everyone, put others before themselves at all times. Would give anyone and everyone their last penny - you know the type and what happens? Their lives are full of bad health, upset, money worries, people who treat them nastily and who have all the worst possible in life thrown at them. They are overlooked at every opportunity and walked all over.

I know why this is most of the time and am aware it is probably to do with who are the young souls and who are the older ones. The lessons everyone has to learn during their many lives, but you know what, knowing all that doesn't make it any easier to go through or to watch others go through. i have just had news from someone who has made me so angry  and I don't know what to do with that anger.

I have been told someone who is a good person and comes from a family who only ever does for others, may have something very nasty wrong with her - what the doctor called 'sinister'. Why am I angry about it? I'll tell you why, because for over a year she has been telling them something felt seriously wrong. They kept telling her it was her imagination. I could 'feel' the problem with my left hand - the one that finds problems. Of course, I am a crank and doctors mainly laugh at that sort of thing and so ignored her telling them that as well.

Today they admitted it was due to being left and ignored so long that may have turned it bad. It is not definite and she has to have a biopsy now to be sure, but they have warned her it doesn't look good. There are too many stories like this today. The more doctors are paid, the less work they are doing. They are starting to think they are God and are putting so many lives at risk.

We have to wait for the results now. What's worse is they have told her they aren't sure how soon they can get her in. What's worse, this isn't the first time the medical world has failed tghis family in a very serious way. I will wait to see what happens and when we all know the outcome, when the results are in, heads are going to roll. I shall make sure of it.


  1. That's such a sad story, and of course you're right. I see it too, so you're not alone. I've come to the conclusion though that the "nasty" are just big-headed, mouthy, showoffs - the louder they shout the more others hear them and think they are doing OK.
    Best wishes to your friend, hope everything turns out all right for her.

  2. I have little faith in doctors I'm afraid. As you know, after my epilepsy relapse last November I have suffered for most of this year and am unable to drive until further notice, but in order to have my meds changed and receive a new diagnosis I had to pay £1,600 for the privilege. My GP is a lovely man and a family friend but on the whole, I don't trust many doctors who assume they are experts.

    And then there's Amy; not one doctor since Amy was diagnosed, has admitted to knowing enough about autism to actually help me. It's a pathetic world we live in and a very greedy one too.

    Love K xx