Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Catherine Condie

Sometimes, we come across someone who is genuinely kind, helpful and totally unselfish. Catherine Condie is one of those people. This is a post to thank her publicly for what she did to help get my book, A Sceptical Medium ready for publication.

Since I became a writer last year, I have been fortunate enough to meet so many truly pleasant people. There is so much anger, selfishness, aggression and angst in the world today and the authors I have met have helped make me realise there are still a lot of very genuine people still out there.

All are writing books. Many have already had some published, whether it be self published or traditional and yet these people are the least selfish I have met in many a year. They are allowed to be selfish as they have a product that they have spent a lot of time working on and are trying to either sell or get an agent for. In some cases, their work can have been going on for many years. They deserve their own bit of glory and self promotion and yet they still help each other.

Nothing seems to be too much trouble and as soon as anyone asks for help I can’t begin to tell you how many come forward to offer their services unconditionally. It is the friendliest group of people en masse that I have had the pleasure of being connected to for many, many years and I thank them all. Catherine Condie is one of them. She saw I was having difficulty formatting my manuscript ready for publication and came rushing to the rescue. She did all the formatting, changed it to the PDF file it needed to be and also designed the cover incorporating the logo my son had done for me.

It is thanks to Catherine, I have a book up for sale today and have already sold quite a few copies in just one day in various countries. If you would like to see Catherine and spread the word about her blog and book for me, I would very much appreciate it. It’s only a tiny thank you to her for her incredible and selfless help, but she deserves to be seen and recognised. SueAnn Jackson Land also offered her services in the same way. Thanks SueAnn. To see more about Catherine and her wonderful book CLICK HERE

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