Saturday, 30 October 2010

Book Swap

Last night, I was lying in bed reading our local newspaper. There was an article in there about a fireman who has written a book, which I thought sounded interesting. It said he would be at a hotel about a two minute walk from my house on Tuesday evening for a launch. Sadly, it was by invitation only and I was upset as I was very interested in it for my Authors on Show site.

This morning, I went into a local book shop to see if they'd be interested in having any of my books in there to sell. They said they would try some for me and as we were discussing details, who walked in, but the chap from the paper. He was there to do a book signing and I nabbed him. Not only that, we swapped books and now, I am determined to get him signed with someone and I think I already know who.

Even better, was when my husband and I went for a snack later, he saw someone he knew, my book was seen and he asked if that was mine (as my photo. was on it). He bought one on the spot and a lady nearby who saw came and asked if she could see it and also bought one on the spot. Maybe I should stand in the centre of town with a table and all my books and sell a load that way.

I shall keep you posted on the chap whose book I saw and let you know what happens with it and him. I am determined to try to get a deal for him, so lets see what happens. In the meantime, I am off to his private book launch on Tuesday with 40 other firemen. Hard life isn't it?

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