Sunday, 24 October 2010

Book Launch

I'm back from London and a fine time was had by all. I definitely enjoyed it - meeting other authors who I had only ever chatted with online before. How lovely to be together and share thoughts properly. As you can imagine, we had so much to talk about that we never stopped for breath.

We shared a meal at Cafe Boheme in Soho first and then trundled along to the launch well oiled from several glasses of wine. My husband who felt rather left out at the lunch cheered up later, as the launch was in Waterstone's and as we all chatted and waited for the 'reading' by the author of the night, MM Bennett's, he read a part of most books in the shop.

I had a bit of a surprise on the train going up as it turned out we travelled first class and there was an on board chef. Rather good way to start our mini break - and end it! After having met everyone the day before, we stayed an extra day and took in a show. We went to see Oliver and I can highly recommend it if you've not seen it yet. In the morning my husband bought himself some new jackets and shoes one pair of which he nearly lost.

On the way home on the train, I saw the train manager showing some people a lovely pair of shoes, They were all admiring them and I told her my husband had just bought a pair like it. She asked if we had moved carriages since boarding the train and after agreeing we had, she told me they were my husband's shoes as he had left them in the other carriage. Neither of us had noticed. Just as well I went to the loo (lavatory for foreigners who don't know what an English loo is) when I did.

We went up on the Thursday morning and returned on Saturday after lunch. My last little surprise was being treated to a hair cut in a top, award winning salon. The chap who cut my hair was one of the hairdressers on Lord of the Rings film set. All in all, I have to say, I have had a brilliant couple of days. Can't wait for the next book launch.

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  1. Good for you! Sounds like an awesome time. :):)