Monday, 6 September 2010

Who are You?

Recently, I have been going to quite a few blogs looking for some to maybe promote on my author site as a surprise for the blogger. There are some fantastic blogs out there with all sorts of topics being covered with something to suit everyone's taste.

Some are so professional looking and well written, that you'd think they were by professional writers. Personal photographs, appropriate pictures found on the net which are able to be used to enhance their writings and all manner of other things can be found, but guess what is often missing - their name.

I am stunned at how many blogs I have come across recently where I cannot for the life of me find a name anywhere of whose blog it is. There is no clue in the title, in their blog posts or even the pictures they sometimes use. Is this an oversight, or is it intentional? I would love to know the answer to that.

Why would anyone go to all that trouble of building several pages on a blog filled with all sorts of information and yet say nothing about themselves? It is sometimes possible to hazard a guess to what sex the author of these pages is due to some comments made, but why no more than that?

I remember when I worked for a newspaper years ago, we were taught how to introduce ourselves on the telephone in the correct way and how to give our name and telephone number or address properly. Now that may sound quite ridiculous to you and it did to us as well when we were told we had to learn. Ridiculous it isn't though. Next time anyone telephones you and introduces themselves, see how much of what they've said you actually remember. That's if you even heard it at all.

I, like the others being taught, was quite unaware about something we are all guilty of, speaking too quickly when giving our personal details to anyone else. No matter how well modulated or un-rushed the person sounds in the rest of the conversation, as soon as they have to give these simple, personal details, they can't get it all out of their mouths quickly enough.

The reason for this? It's because our own name, telephone, number and address are so familiar to us that we rush out what we think of as the basics, in order to talk about what the matter is we wish to discuss. We all do it unless we have been taught not to. Take note next time someone speaks to you and then gives those details, see if you recognise what I've just said as being correct. Listen to yourself and you'll realise you've just done exactly the same thing yourself.
The only ones who don't do it and slow their voice, pausing to let the information sink in or be written down, are those who have been taught this simple fact.

I was wondering if that same mental block applies to blogs. Are some of us so used to the fact we know who we are, that it slips our mind that others may not? Are they even aware they haven't put their name on their blogs? Probably not. They will click on it to check if there are any messages, to do a new post or add another detail and immediately recognise it as their blog, but we don't.

Next time you are surfing through and looking for new, interesting blogs you haven't come across before, see how many you can find with no names on them. Yes, they'll have a title, but look for any personal names anywhere or even a user name and I'll bet as many as one in ten won't have it. I'd be interested to hear if any of you do this and what your findings are. Maybe you have noticed some peculiarities along the way - care to share them with us?

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  1. Hi Lorraine
    I just checked my blog and guess what? Yup - no name. But I do tend to sign replies to posts and there is a link to my book site with an 'About the Author' page, so I plead guilty but with excuses!
    Interesting point, though.