Thursday, 16 September 2010

Papal Visit to Britain

Sitting quietly at home watching the television, I was delighted to see the Pope arrive in Britain for his official State visit. How sad that the media, especially the BBC tried to plant such bad thoughts towards him in peoples' minds before he arrived.They did a very good job of stirring up mass hatred in some minority groups and Twitter had its fair share of nastiness from otherwise intelligent people about the subject.

The Pope is a good man. Religious leaders in general are good people. Those who follow the different faiths properly are also good people, but they are human and have human frailties. Like us, they too make mistakes. The sad fact is the Catholic church has made a very big mistake in trying to cover up and handle the paedophilia that happened within their fold.

What people forget though is, the same has happened in the Protestant churches, and other religions, over the years as well. In fact, it happens throughout life. I don't condone it by any means, but I do feel that it is wrong to condemn a man who is inherently good, based on one thing.

There are those who think things like anti abortion, contraception and divorce are just Catholic beliefs. They aren't-they are Christian beliefs. It is in the Christian Bibles and those who say it isn't shouldn't call themselves Christians. It is just the Catholic church upholds God's laws in their entirety, other Christian churches play with the rules as it suits them. If any of you disagree with those remarks, read your Bible and you'll see what I say is correct.

I respect people of ALL faiths and of no faith. Whatever their belief or disbelief is fine with me. I accept them and assume they are all good people unless they prove otherwise. Why then, can they not afford the same respect to people who have different ideas than their own? Why do they feel a need to be nasty, vicious and cruel about others? Today it is the Pope, tomorrow it will be someone else.

I have just come from a forum where people are talking about it. I have also been on other social networking sites where the Pope's visit is being discussed in the most horrific way. The interesting thing about what I have seen, is the people who are the most vicious about him and the church. They are the same people who spout hatred and nastiness about anything in the news that incites fanatical behaviour amongst the masses.

I am deeply saddened to see the change that has taken place in my country. The nastiness that has grown since we have become a much more secular society. The ones who disbelieve all say the same as each other, that religion causes war. Well, I tell you - today, the Pope came to Britain. Those who believe in God or have a faith in whichever religion, all accepted him joyfully and peacefully. The only ones seen to cause upset, anger, shouting, nastiness and mayhem are those of no faith. What does that say to you all? Who is it causes wars and fighting over religion? Think about it.

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