Friday, 24 September 2010

Newspaper Offices

Yesterday, I re-visited where I used to work, our local newspaper offices. This time, I was being interviewed for an article about me. It was funny to be back on the other side of things. It's gone full circle. Many years ago, 1991 in fact, I was always in the paper due to some charity work I was doing at the time. One day I got a 'phone call saying, 'you're always in our paper, why don't you come and work for us?' So I did and I loved it. I still think it was the best job I had.

I loved the buzz of meeting deadlines and when the 'press' started at 10.30 each morning, you knew that was your work going to print. No wonder I became a writer in later years. So, I started off being reported about in their paper, then I worked there, and now I'm back being reported on. Full circle. Even stranger? I might, just a tiny might, end up doing a small column for them so how strange would that be? Of course I would LOVE to do the column and it would be about my mediumship stuff and things as per my other blog.

So why was I being interviewed? It is to do with my two books and having become an author, albeit unpublished at present. It is also about my Authors on Show site and how it's grown from a one page blog and me wanting to promote fellow authors, to it becoming two sites viewed in 80 countries and with 6 people now working on it constantly. I love Authors on Show and am quite proud of what we're all doing on it.

The publishing world is very difficult to break into if you want to stick with traditional publishing and not self publish or have an e-book or similar. It is said only 1 in 40,000 people gets taken on by a literary agent and it is almost impossible to be seen by the big publishing houses without one. So you see how hard it is? We try hard to show as many authors as we can in order for them to be seen. I say as many as we can, but we do keep it small so any passing agent or publisher can see at a glance who we have up each month and whether they are of interest to them or not.

So, the interview was a mix about that and my books and the fact I want to do public speaking and healing sessions wherever anyone might want me. They have decided to do a full page feature about me, which having worked in the industry, I know to be pretty good going. It would be nice if the feature led to more people seeing me and maybe reporting on both the writing site and my own work. Since starting Authors on Show I have rather neglected my own work and promoting myself in the way I should be doing as per my agents instructions. Hopefully this is the start of putting that to rights.

I don't know when it'll be in there yet and he has said I can see it and O.K. it before it goes to print. If it's anything you might be interested in seeing, I'll put a link on here when it's published and you can decide whether to read it or not. I must say though, being back in those offices was like going home. I loved every second of it. It helped that the reporter, Paul James was fun too.

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