Monday, 6 September 2010

My Paintings

I'm a little bored this evening, so I thought I'd let you into a little secret you may not already know about me. I used to paint. Well, of a fashion. I like oils and that is what these three were painted with. Dreadful photographs I'm afraid as the light was glinting on the photographs.

The one above, is just a little place we saw when driving one day and I took a photo. from the car. This is the resulting painting. Bit ordinary, but I liked it at the time.
This one -above - is just a painting I did for an art club I belonged to. We had to do a barn, a gate, trees, wall and a person or animal. No one was more shocked than I was when I was offered a pretty decent amount for it. It is now hanging up in Spain somewhere. Or it was last I heard.

This is one of my favourites. Very plain and simple, but painted from a photograph of a view where we used to live. My son took a photograph of it early in the morning and the colours were so lovely, I wanted to paint it. It is now hanging in our sitting room.

This is the first 'real' painting I ever did. It looks tiny here in the photograph, but the actual painting is quite large. It was my son's 21st birthday and he had been to Gambia for a holiday. He loved one photograph in particular and so I painted it for him as an extra surprise.

There you are, guilty secret out. I like to paint. I just wish I had more time to do it these days. These are all from when I first started, I did improve a bit after that. At least I like to think I did anyway. All of the above paintings are much larger than they appear here. These are obviously photographs taken of them. The smallest is about 2 foot by 3 foot

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  1. Wow they look stunning. I think painting is something wonderful that can be done at whatever age. I hope you find the time to do some more.