Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How Life Changes

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How many times has your life changed through your life? Isn't it interesting how one thing happening can cause a major change. Last year, I was not doing anything spectacular and was enjoying hospital visits with bad health. In November, bored out of my skull, I put my tiny bit of writing on a site for, what I thought was fun, only to find it was deadly serious. Here we are 10 months later with two completed books, three works in progress and two sites for authors that I have set up myself - the picture above is from those sites.

How did it all happen? I have no idea. It just escalated and the wonderful thing about it is the lovely people I am meeting. Last night, I spent over an hour on the telephone with a fellow author who lives in America. She is one of the lucky ones with book deals and tours to follow plus all manner of other exciting things. She is so lovely and down to earth. I wish her all the happiness and success life has to offer.

There are other people I have met similar. To hear about the success stories is brilliant and then there is the down side of those who have struggled for years and can't get agents, let alone publishing deals. It is another world entirely and one I knew nothing about until I entered it last November.

My sites are viewed all over the world and our aim is to try and help promote as many of these struggling authors as we can. From a little idea and one page blog, it has grown to a ten page blog and a full blown Wordpress site as well. There are five other people apart from me who are helping to run it and they have been superb. I am so lucky to have these people helping to make it a success. We earn no money from it and all do it for the love of writing and helping our fellow writers.

The interesting thing as well is, I am now trying to get a deal for one of our authors. I have submitted her work to a couple of places and one of the large publishing houses has been scouring our site after receiving a query from me. There is another we have decided we may try and help as well. Who knows where this will go. Maybe the next step is to become a literary agent? After all, that is basically what I'm doing already for one person.

My own books are getting lost in all of this somewhere. I don't have much time for me and my work these days, but I am determined to keep promoting where I can for myself and see if I can get that cherished deal too. Who knows what'll happen. If you had told me a year ago, I'd be well ensconced and conversant with matters in the literary world, I would have thought you were daft, yet now look at me.

No matter how many of you reading this think life is boring and not so exciting, it can be. This came about for me because I was bored whilst convalescing, If I can change things around for me, you can do it for your life too. All it takes is one small step in any given direction and it can take you on a very long road to where all manner of good things await you. Go on, give it a try.


  1. That is so wonderful, Lorraine. More power to you. :D

  2. It's a wonderful thing to have these websites available and to be meeting other authors either established or in the same boat as me.

    CJ xx