Friday, 10 September 2010

Help - I need a Handbag

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a big thing about handbags - especially Osprey. Thank God for T K Maxx is all I can say. It is my mothers birthday at the end of this month and she wants a handbag. Who better to ask to get it...? Problem is, she want a specific size and colour. She has one particular bag that is a sling over your shoulder and throw anything in it type bag.

The shoulder straps are not too long and as she isn't that tall, they are just the right length to carry over her shoulder or in her hand. It is black sequins and has lasted years and years. It is her favourite. I know I said sequins, but it is one of the daytime style sequinned bags. She wants the same one, or as similar as I can get it, only in navy. The women amongst us will know what I mean.

I had asked her for ideas for her birthday and she had telephoned to give me this idea saying she had seen one somewhere in town, but couldn't remember where. I have just walked from the very top of the town to the bottom. There isn't a shop I left out, cheap, expensive and in between. There wasn't one to be found anywhere.

I got quite excited at one point as in the second to last shop I found navy blue sequins but too small. I asked if they had larger ones - no. It was a name I know would have brochures on the different styles so I asked if they had a brochure. Maybe there was a larger one I could order. No, no brochures. The very last shop also had navy sequinned bags. Sadly, they were very obviously evening bags and not at all suitable for slinging over your shoulder to put all but the kitchen sink in.

I am not a one for buying online as I'm one of these old fogies who isn't too sure how safe it is giving card details. Needs must though and I think this time, I need to hunt down bags on here and see who or where might have one. If any of you have any ideas, please shout.

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