Sunday, 5 September 2010


For months I have been suffering cramp in my feet and calves. It has got so bad that I now lie in the most peculiar way in bed. I have been doing stretching exercises, taking quinine tablets, drinking water till I almost drowned in it and still I get cramp.

Each time I try to lie in bed as normal people do, I end up leaping out and screaming like a banshee. It seizes both calves at once and if I try to stretch the calf muscles to help ease it, the shortening of the foot muscles bring on cramp in the feet. No win situation isn't it?

I go to bed at night looking like any other normal person albeit with the thickest bed socks you've ever seen even in the height of the summer. Take them off and my feet go into spasm. I lie on my back, pillows propped behind me while I read and keep my feet dangling over the edge of the bed with no duvet touching them. I am never properly relaxed as I have to keep the ankles bent so that the toes face the ceiling and not stretch. If the toes stretch down in normal relaxed mode, the calf muscle shrinks and hey ho away we go a leaping around the room again.

Then it is time for lights out. This is where the fun starts. I have a six foot bed, which means it is longer than other beds. I heave the pillows a third of the way down and have to lie on my tummy all night with feet dangling from the ankles over the bottom of the bed without the duvet - hence bed socks. It isn't helped by the fact I have horrendous night sweats due to the menopause so have two fans whizzing away with cold air blowing on me all night too.

I writhe around the bed at different times of the night on my stomach dragging my pillows with me trying to get comfortable. I either need a cool bit of sheet due to another hot flush, or I'm aching from the same position and need to move sore muscles. I need to remember that my feet have to hang over the edge however I lie and whilst moving, I have to be careful not to bend the leg at the knees. Any movement at all to shorten the calf muscles sets them off. It isn't unusual to find me lying across the bed the wrong way each morning with legs dangling mid air. What a sight.

The doctor has done every blood test known to man and they are all clear. It is a mystery why this is happening, but I haven't been able to enjoy going to bed and snuggling up for months now. At least it is summer. I dread to think what I'll do on winter nights with feet dangling in the air uncovered. No doubt three pairs of bed socks should do it. If any of you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.


  1. I don't know if this is going to help you, but like you i used to go to bed with dread. Knowing only too well i would end up in agony with cramp. I also was on Quinine. But, what i didnt know was, quinine can damage your eyesight if taken too long. So i asked my dr for an alternative. He had nothing, but he did ask me to try some Calcium with VitD3. I was very wary. worked. I have not had cramp in my calves from that day to this. Just a thought that you might like to give it a try & ask your dr.

  2. I tried to thank you, but cannot leave a message on your page. I do hope you come back and see this. Thank you so much for the advice. It's one I haven't tried. I'll ask the doctor as you say and let you know. x