Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bet you Can't Find My Other Blog

Does anyone else have a problem with their blogs? Maybe it's because I now have two going that there is confusion. There shouldn't be as they are both totally different to each other. Besides, one is with Blogger and the other is a WordPress blog. What's my problem? If I go to Google and type in, Lorraine-The Blog, it comes up second. Fine. If I type in, A Medium's Musings (name of other blog) what do I get - no, wrong. I get, Lorraine - The Blog top of list.

How does that happen? Why is the wrong one coming up when I type in something totally different? I am not amused. There has to be something wrong with WordPress and their search engine-surely. Has anyone else ever had this sort of thing happen? Go on, give it a go, type into Google A Medium's Musings and you'll get back to here. Bet you anything you like.No wonder no one is finding it. What a waste of time writing anything on it. Who am I talking to? No one it seems except for maybe one or two.

I am not sure what to do. I have contacted WordPress and am still waiting for an answer from someone. Most peculiar. I know I'm a medium and do strange things, but this is really weird, even for me. I am really beginning to think I should scrap the Wordpress site and bring it all back here. Never had a problem with Blogger when it was the 'Medium' blog. Besides, it's hard work running two different sites and all the other stuff too as well as normal life. Normal? That was silly, what is normal I ask myself.

I haven't got time to go chasing all over trying to find out what is happening. If I don't though, it's pointless having the site. So much for teaching and helping people understand.

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