Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Animal Dumped by Busy Road

Today I read the most upsetting thing in a newspaper. I'll tell you up front it has a happy (ish) ending. A man was seen to drive his car into a car park and get out of the car. Apparently, there were three other people in the car. A dog got out and followed him and they walked to a strip of ground that was meant to be a tiny bit of woodland.

As they reached there, the man turned around, walked very quickly back to his car with the dog trying to quickly follow. Poor thing couldn't catch him as he got in the car, slammed the door and quickly drove off leaving his dog behind. The dog was limping badly, hence the fact he was unable to keep up. The place they dumped the dog was right on a very busy main road too. B******s!

There were people in an office watching what was happening and said the dog tried to run after the car even though it could barely walk. They went down to it and tried to comfort the poor thing. It's claws were so overgrown that they were growing into the pads on his paws. The photograph in the paper was of a lovely dog.

There is a photograph of the man and his car caught on CCTV. I hope they get him and lock him away for ever. In fact, they should watch him and see where he lives, once he goes out, change all the locks on his house so he can't get in, empty his bank account or freeze it so he can't get food or drink and see how he likes it. Better still, take him to a desert island and dump him there. This is what should be done to all pigs who do the same to animals.

The thing in this life that I am finding it harder and harder to deal with, is the cruelty to animals. I cry and can't sleep at night for thinking of the things we read about in our papers. What happens to these people if they're caught? Hardly a thing. a fine and banned from keeping animals for five years. Big deal. It is high time something was done about it. It is the cruellest thing and yet people get away with it all the time. Right now, while I'm writing this, there will be countless animals being tortured, abused, neglected, killed or dumped all over the world.

I probably won't sleep tonight for thinking about that poor dog. I know he's O.K. and someone will now look after him the way he deserves, but how many others are there like him? The world is a place full of sick and twisted people and I am finding it harder each day to see or read these things. I know not reading about it or seeing it won't stop it happening, but neither will reading about it. I feel so useless and this is why I am so affected by it all. I hate the fact I can't do anything to help them.

It is almost my bedtime and I shouldn't be writing this before going to sleep, but I wanted to try and get it out of my mind. Instead, I think I've probably made it worse. I don't think I'll sleep tonight as my mind is full of thoughts now of all the ways animals suffer at the hands of mankind. If there was anything I could change about this world we're in, it would be stopping any form of cruelty to animals and exterminating all the people who have ever hurt any. Sorry if I've upset any of you reading this too, but maybe it's time we all stood up and insisted the courts do more than they do to these people. I just hope the pig seen in the paper today is caught and justice seen to be done - I very much doubt it will be though.


  1. Our rescue greyhound Sadie was dumped in Pontypool in the Welsh valleys in January - lovely weather for fine-coated dogs (not). I can't understand the mentality when charities would have taken such a sweet-natured dog. We believe she developed a taste for curry through having to steal from bins for food.
    As I write she's taking up the whole length of one sofa. Which means I'm sat on the floor!
    Such is life.

  2. I have to say I couldn't agree with you more on this post... how any human being could do that to a defenceless, loving animal is beyond me - and yes, I too was moved to tears!

    Liz x