Thursday, 6 May 2010

NEW WEBSITE - AuthorsOnShow.Com

Please forgive me for not updating sooner. I have been very busy setting up a new blog and website for fellow authors to help showcase our work around the world. I was told by my literary agents that I need to start promoting myself and my book now and as there are many good writers out there who are all struggling to be seen, to get agents or to be published, I decided we could all help each other. One way for us to be seen further afield, is to join together. By doing this, we can all advertise each other and have all our friends doing the same. In this way word will spread.

You will be pleased to hear that I have not been neglecting my spiritual duties though and have been still managing to do photograph readings for people online and have done some healing sessions as well. In fact, I had a gentleman arrive at my home yesterday afternoon who had driven from Slovenia especially for healing from me. He has seen his doctor and is receiving treatment, but wanted me to help as I had done so for him and his wife on other occasions. I hope it has helped him this time as well.

Things are getting very busy for me at the moment and I have heard from my agent that my first book, A Guides's Guide to Mediumship and Healing, is apparently being considered by the publisher they sent it to. I wasn't sure what that meant, but have been told the editor who liked my book has chosen it from many others as one to try and have published. It has to now go through many other channels and departments, any of which could say no at any point. It is only if it gets through all of these other departments as well that it will be accepted for publication.

The chances are very slim, but if it truly was guided by those from the world of spirit, and if they want their words to be seen by many throughout the world as they say they do, then I have no doubt they will ensure this happens at some time. It may well not be with the publisher who has it now and I may have to go to many other publishers first, but I trust in them and what is meant to be will be.

It is very strange because I hear people saying this is a dreadful time waiting to hear from the publisher. Funnily enough, I am very calm and not at all worried or tense. It is almost as though I feel it isn't happening. No one will be more shocked if my book is taken on than I will. Although I have total trust in them and my gifts now and realise they are from God, it is almost as though this new life of being a writer is happening to someone else and not me.

On setting up the new website to help display books and authors we made the different stages of building it available to all to watch in order to follow our progress. My sister is one of those who viewed it in the early stages when the introduction and the author photo's were up. She said that if it was meant to promote me and my book as well as others, where was I on the site? It was only when she said this I realised I had forgotten to have myself put on there. Some promoting that would be.

Anyway, I have more to do on the site this morning and then a lady is coming to see me for a reading this afternoon. Since I saw her for a coffee a few weeks ago her mother has died. She hasn't asked for a reading and just wants to come to sit and have someone to talk to. It is me who knows I have news for her and will be able to help in more ways than she realises. She believes in all I can do and knows there is life after death so won't be disturbed or upset by me giving her the information. Instead I know it will come as a pleasant surprise for her to know she will hear news so soon after her mother's passing. I shall try not to leave it quite so long till I come and chat again, but the new site is being launched on the 16th May so may well be busy until then. Come and visit us all over there too and tell your friends about us.
We are called, Authors On Show and you can find us at

Take care, Lorraine x

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