Tuesday, 10 January 2017


     What drives a person to commit suicide and how many do so who have shown no outer sign to anyone that anything was wrong? Depression is something so few people understand unless they have been in the same situation themselves. This can be said for those meant to be in the professions that are there to counsel and help. They go by text books only and what they 'think' they know from other cases.
     Yes, other cases, for 'cases' is what each person is to them. Another name, in another file that can be put away with all the rest in a filing cabinet and forgotten about until they next come in for their appointment. That's if they come back, for one day some won't, because they are no longer part of this world.
     Those who talk about suicide most, are often the ones who don't carry it through. Obviously it can be said of some, but how many people have you heard or read about where no note was left and no one has any idea why they did it? Quite a lot aren't there?
     The other day, I bumped into an old school friend. Like me, we're both getting on in age now and have ailments that come with increasing years. Some have always been with us, but as a youngster they weren't so bad and obvious, age though has a habit of changing things.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Eczema and Chocolate

     Christmas and New Year have taught me something I hadn't realised - chocolate causes my eczema. At least I think it does. I often suffer from dry, red scaly patches of eczema on the bridge of my nose and up into my forehead. It can go into my eyes meaning I can't wear make-up most of the time and even deep into my ears.

     The ears are the worst part in some ways, because they then get infected, become very raw, bleed and cause infection. They also cause swelling as the infection spreads to the jaw, thereby making it hard to eat and rendering me pretty deaf until the drops work and the swelling reduces again.

     As many of you following this blog might know, I've been struggling with my weight for some time now. In the last year, I was diagnosed with diabetes - a much needed wake up call - and so recent months saw me cutting right back on sugary things.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Becoming Disabled.

     Finding myself now disabled due to severe foot pain. I decided to talk about the experiences and treatment I have been on the receiving end of from others. I am stunned, totally stunned, how people often ignore me now or treat me as though my brain too is impaired. They ignore how much pain I am in and often refuse to accept it is happening to me at all.
My family refused point blank for the last few years to accept I was struggling badly to walk, thinking I could use mind over matter to overcome it. Yet the last three years or so have seen my life alter drastically due to being unable to walk far or stand for long.
     In some ways, I can understand why my family refused to acknowledge it, because we are people who are very positive thinkers and see challenges and problems as things to be overcome rather than given in to. I myself even refused to accept my increasing lameness, as I struggled to remain mobile, due to the same way of thinking. However, there are some things in life the power of positive thinking can't help, and this is one of them.
     When life alters and you become almost housebound, then it is pretty obvious something is wrong. Even when that happened and I did become almost housebound, I tried to tell myself I was fine and it was just that I didn't want to go out - anything rather than admit the truth.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Vision - A Gift We Can Give Others


When eyesight starts to dim, we aren't aware how much colours have faded too. It is such a slow process and happens in a way this isn't obvious to us. I had no idea how blurred my vision was, or how much colours were so dimmed, until this one eye had been corrected and repaired.

How lucky we are to live in a world with such advanced medicine and in a country where we can be helped. There are many people throughout the world in countries where this help isn't available for them though. Their eyes have to deteriorate without any operations to remove cataracts or other problems and no opticians or spectacles to help them with normal deteriorating vision in other ways. 

Having had an eye operation to remove a cataract, I'm stunned how incredible the world is we live in. It is like being a child again, discovering new things every day with wonder and awe. The colours in the world are so amazing - natural beauty God gave us all to enjoy for free. Colours and wonders that no man can ever hope to copy or produce no matter how much he tries. Nothing can compare to having one's eyesight and nothing can compare to losing it.

On taking the patch off for the first time, I had no idea what the results would be. How amazed I was when I saw the colours of the flowers and trees, the sky, clouds and grass. Everything was so enhanced. It looked like someone had painted the world in a day - and someone had, God. I am struggling to read, drive or write, as having had one eye done, I realise just how blurred and bad the vision is in my other eye now. No wonder I was struggling to drive recently and was borderline for being allowed to. Until I have the second eye done, I'm unbalanced and so hope the other is done sooner rather than later.

However, in the meantime, I want to help others if I can in a small way. It has been brought home to me how it must be for those poor people who aren't helped as we are. I have quite a lot of distance glasses and am going to donate them to a charity where they use our unwanted spectacles to aid people in countries where no help is available.

When we go to Specsavers (and some other opticians), they often offer to buy one pair get another pair free. How I now wish I'd had that second free pair and donated it for those less fortunate than we are. Maybe we can start to do that from today?

Would you be willing to do so and would you suggest the same thing to your friends? Imagine the difference we could make to so many people, just as opticians and surgeons make a difference for us. We may not be able to cure eye problems as my surgeon has done, but we can at least help make life better again by this one tiny act.

If you too would like to help CLICK HERE for  the charity and to find out how to donate glasses today. Maybe you could collect quite a few from people you know, or ask your church, clubs or other places to set up a collection point for that very purpose.

Vision Aid Overseas, help make the world a brighter and clearer place for so many. Click on their link in blue to see how they help and what it is they do. Together we can and will make a difference for others - thank you,

Lorraine x